Training & development

As an Investor in People organisation we want our employees to have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to do their jobs effectively.

Formal training

The Housing Executive has a significant formal training programme aimed at the development of core skills within all our staff. These skills are crucial for personal, team and organisational effectiveness. They include customer skills, management and leadership; information technology, personal communications as well as a thorough understanding of the relevant policies and legislation which guide daily practice.

Professional development is also promoted across the range of disciplines for example housing, finance, audit, legal, personnel and technical services. Sponsorship to attend further education or specialist courses outside the Housing Executive will be provided when appropriate.

Learning through Experience

The Housing Executive recognises the importance of learning opportunities which can be gained from experience on the job. Induction and support will be given to new staff. Managers and staff are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for job rotation and secondments, involvement in projects and cross disciplinary/peer working groups etc; as a natural part of their development and progression within the organisation. Appraisal plays a key role in the planning of each staff member’s job experience each year, addressing organisational and personal development needs.

On Line/ E learning

The implementation of a new on line learning management system is aimed at providing greater information on learning choices as well as training when it is needed for staff. This again will be a complement to formal and on the job training.

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