Providing value for money

The Northern Ireland House Condition Survey (NIHCS) statistics team is committed to providing value for money, and to ensuring that resources are targeted where they are needed most. The statistics are also monitored for quality on an ongoing basis.

Value for Money

Part of the process of ensuring we get maximum value for money involves identifying similar research in Northern Ireland to make sure that there is no duplication of data.

The only other survey in Northern Ireland identified as producing data similar to the NIHCS is the Stock Condition Survey, which has been carried out twice (most recently in 2014/15).

An assessment of the similarities and differences between the NIHCS and the Stock Condition Survey was completed and the findings are available to download below:


  • The quality of Northern Ireland House Condition Survey (NIHCS) statistics is monitored and assured on an ongoing basis, taking account of internationally agreed practices.
  • We have produced a document outlining the quality assurance processes which take place at each stage of the survey.
  • We have also produced a Background Quality Report which informs users about the quality of statistical outputs using the European Statistical Systems Dimensions of Quality.