Causeway Homelessness Group networking event

group of people at networking event
Causeway Homelessness Group networking to raise awareness on homeless issues as part of Homelessness Awareness Week 2019

The Causeway Regional Homelessness Group hosted a networking event in Coleraine earlier this month. 

Held to raise awareness on homeless issues as part of Homelessness Awareness Week 2019 in the Vineyard Compassion Centre, the event also acknowledged the collaborative working with partner agencies alongside the Housing Executive to combat homelessness here.

The Group was updated on the progress made during the year on the Housing Executive’s Ending Homelessness Together Strategy (2017-2022). 

Presentations were also delivered by the Housing Executive, NI Youth Forum, the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and Vineyard Compassion.

A clear message from service users was the emphasis that all agencies need to continue to work together to provide homelessness services here.

Housing Executive Causeway Area Manager, Mark Alexander, said:  “Preventing homelessness is a top priority for the Housing Executive – the impact of losing the most basic need of a home is devastating on the future well-being of the individuals affected.”

“It is essential that our efforts to reduce homelessness are part of a bigger picture, which includes tackling the causes of social and economic exclusion, and improving access to health and social care services.

“Greater emphasis on prevention and early intervention through multi-agency work must continue, including sharing resources and constantly looking for creative and innovative solutions.”

Ricky Wright of Vineyard Compassion, said:  “This event has been very successful and builds on the formation of the Causeway Regional Homelessness Group last year.

“It is so important that all sectors continue to work together to alleviate homelessness, as well as highlighting the complexity of homelessness. 

“The wide range of agencies that must come together to support households to find sustainable housing and support solutions can never be underestimated.

“Being able to reflect on how we can work together to support those experiencing homelessness is crucial in the campaign to respond effectively and bring about eventual change.”

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