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Recite Me

Recite Me is a web accessibility solution that lets you customise our site to make it easier to use. It offers text to speech functionality, dyslexia software, an interactive dictionary, and a translation tool.

Find out more about all of the features available through Recite Me 

To start using it, click on the ReciteMe icon at the top left of the page.  

If you are new to the web and assistive technologies, you may wish to visit BBC My Web, My Way. This site has lots of information, advice and video tutorials to help you use get the most out of the accessibility features of your device.

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We have made our website as accessible as possible but we know that you may experience some issues, for example when using Google Maps or viewing our videos. We are not responsible for the accessibility of services provided by third parties. If you experience any difficulties using our website, please email our Communications team at  or call us on 03448 920 900.

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