Celebrating 20 years in the Fountain

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Display of photos celebrating past 20 years.
Images over the past 20 years displaying how far the FSCDA has come.

People from the Fountain Street area were celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Community Development Association last week, with a photographic timeline display of days gone by.

Funded by the Housing Executive, the Fountain Street Community Development Association (FSCDA) was keen to let everyone see how the community centre has evolved from the ‘old hut’ to today’s community centre.

The project was carried out by local residents over an 8 week period and proved educational for everyone involved. Older members enjoyed telling stories of the ‘old hut’ and how their community, along with their community centre, has progressed.  

Mary Deery, from FSCDA, said:

“We rely on funding to employ vital community workers alongside our volunteers.  This has helped local residents educate themselves and grow as a thriving community.

“The community centre has been crucial in contributing to a more stable, safer and cohesive community for Strabane.  Thanks must go to the Housing Executive for their Community Cohesion funding that has allowed us to preserve a part of local history in this photographic timeline.”

The Housing Executive’s patch manager for the area, Anthony McGrath, was also at the celebratory event.  He said:

“It’s great to be a part of this 20th anniversary celebratory event at Fountain Street Community Centre.  Funding community groups to carry out projects like this promotes mutual understanding and respect while at the same time developing better relationships.

“A permanent visual timeline in the centre is a great way to celebrate the community group’s history and bring residents together.  Well done to everyone involved.”

The photographic timeline is now permanently displayed in the Fountain Street Community Centre, Strabane.

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