Celebrating Enagh Youth as Champions for Positive Change

A man and two youths stand in front of the entrance of a building.
Mark H Durkan is joined by Riona McGlinchey and Ellie Dixon to open the Enagh Youth Forum in Strathfoyle.

The people of Strathfoyle were celebrating recently when they opened their new community centre, with funding from the Housing Executive.

The people of Strathfoyle were celebrating last week when they opened their new community centre, with funding from the Housing Executive.

Enagh Youth Forum (EYF) is led by young people for young people, and is a voluntary independent youth-led community group.  Established in 2010, the Forum empowers young people to be the change they want to see, through providing opportunities for young people to meet new people, learn new skills; have things to do and places to go.

The Forum approached the Housing Executive for help with launching their new ‘Youth Support Hub’ alongside their new premises in Strathfoyle.

Eddie Breslin, Housing Executive Good Relations Officer, said:

“The Housing Executive was happy to provide funding for a youth group in the heart of Strathfoyle.

“We firmly believe in supporting our young people in any way possible.  Enagh Youth Forum has proved over the years they want to help everyone in their community to learn, and be socially aware.  This new community centre will provide a strong base to build relationships for the future, and we wish them well.”

Local Strathfoyle resident and MLA Mark H Durkan was there to formally open the new premises and help present Community Achievement Awards to local people who’ve helped EYF thrive.

Paul Hughes, EYF Manager, was delighted by the launch and the support received from the Housing Executive.  He said:

“Thanks to the Housing Executive, their community cohesion funding has made a real and lasting difference to everyone involved in our project.

“Our young people have taken charge launching their new premises at Parkmore Drive, Strathfoyle and it’s great to see them leading their community so positively.

“This funding has allowed them to value and give recognition to local people who they felt deserved it for their positive contribution to the local area.”

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