Community Safety Warden Service making an impact in Antrim & Newtownabbey

A man and woman walking on the footpath.
Community Safety Wardens Charlene Cowan and Darryl Elwood out and about in the Greystone Estate, Antrim.

The Housing Executive has partly funded a community safety warden scheme across Antrim & Newtownabbey. Working in partnership with Antrim & Newtownabbey Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PSCP), the scheme provides wardens in local estates at peak times to tackle anti-social behaviour and minor crime. 

The wardens are a reassuring visible presence in the community in anti-social behaviour hotspots, complementing and supporting statutory partners and communities.

Charlene Cowan, Community Safety Warden, said of their work in the community:

“When we started this role we knew the number one issue of concern following community consultation was anti-social behaviour.

“By forming close working relationships with other organisations already providing services in the area, we’ve been able to greatly reduce the anti-social behaviour.

“It has been a sometimes difficult, although rewarding role, and the effect we have just by being here has made these neighbourhoods a safer place to live and work.”

Chair of the PCSP, Noreen McClelland, is pleased at the progress of this warden scheme.  She said:

“The Community Safety Wardens carry out an important on-street presence across Antrim and Newtownabbey every weekend, and work closely with key partners, including Housing Executive Neighbourhood Wardens, Council Wardens and the PSNI to provide a network of support.

“The scheme has successfully challenged anti-social behaviour across the borough and has offered reassurance to a number of residents.

“Residents have become accustomed to the Community Safety Wardens in their neighbourhoods and have welcomed the support and reassurance they provide.”

The Housing Executive’s local Patch Manager, Seanan McToal, was out with the wardens in Antrim last week.  He said:

“These wardens provide a targeted response to anti-social behaviour through preventative and responsive detached work and ongoing visible street presence.  They complement the work of staff at our local offices out of hours, and have a positive impact in our communities.”

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