For the attention of Northern Ireland private landlords!

Two people examine the contents of a clipboard.
An independent research company will carry out an online survey of private landlords.

As the strategic housing authority for Northern Ireland, the Housing Executive conducts research across the housing market.

We have appointed Cognisense, an independent research company, to carry out an online survey of private landlords to gather their views on a range of topics.

All landlords currently registered with the Landlord Registration Scheme, those on the Housing Executive’s Housing Benefit system and those currently protecting tenants’ deposits with TDS Northern Ireland have been sent a survey invite. Please check your inbox and junk mail!

We want to hear from all and as many landlords as possible. This is an opportunity to get your views heard! The information gathered will be used to support the private rented sector. 

If you haven’t received an invite and would like to take part in the survey, or if you have any questions, please contact the Housing Executive’s Research Unit at

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