Good Neighbours make Great Neighbourhoods

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Good neighbours make great neighbourhoods

Over the summer, we’re celebrating the ‘Good Neighbours’ living on our estates who look out for one another, and make where they live better for everyone.

As a landlord, responsible for managing nearly 85,000 homes, we know good neighbours make great neighbourhoods. Earlier this year, we asked our staff and Housing Community Network members to nominate people who have made a difference in their community. After receiving dozens of nominations, we selected 20 ‘Good Neighbours’, from across Northern Ireland, to recognise and to thank.

Each of these wonderful neighbours have gone the extra mile to care for vulnerable people, enrich the lives of others, and create a real sense of civic pride in their local area. This has been especially important during the pandemic, when neighbours came together to support those who needed it most throughout this uncertain time.

Keep your eyes on our social media accounts, and check out your local newspapers over the next few weeks, to find out more about the unsung heroes living in our neighbourhoods.

Do you know a Good Neighbour?

Celebrate them by downloading our social card templates and sharing a photo of them on Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure to tag us so we can join in the celebration! Our Twitter handle is @nihecommunity and our Facebook page is @housingexecutive

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