Irish Traveller Accommodation Survey Results Revealed

Parents with very young children.
We have completed an extensive survey on the accommodation of Irish Travellers in Northern Ireland

One of the most comprehensive surveys to date on the accommodation of Irish Travellers in Northern Ireland has been completed by the Housing Executive.

540 Irish Traveller households took part with 71% of those responding confirming they are satisfied with their current accommodation.

Following the completion of the survey, it is now estimated that 151 new Traveller households will need provision over the next three years.

Housing Executive Head of Research, Karly Greene, said;

“It was inspiring having people from the Traveller community help design and deliver this research and my thanks go to the many members of this community and their advocates for engaging so fully.

“This research will assist us in producing relevant future policy and will help us plan for the provision of accommodation over the next decade and beyond.

“It was interesting to note that 87% of respondents felt safe in the areas they are currently based.

“It is also worth noting, from an accommodation perspective, that levels of disability in this community continues to rise, with 65% of those responding telling us that at least one household member is living with a disability.

“In 2008, the disability rate stood at 26%.

“In terms of our relationship with the Travelling community it is notable that, from a list of possible sources, the Housing Executive was identified as the main source of housing and benefit advice, by respondents.”

The consultation on the launch of the Housing Executive’s Irish Traveller Accommodation Strategy begins on July 1 and runs for 12 weeks

To participate visit our:

We have also produced a series of infographics that provide a breakdown of key findings from the survey which you can download below.

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