Transfer of HMO responsibilities to Councils

A row of homes with estate agent signs.
The responsibility for HMO regulation is due to transfer from the Housing Executive.

It is anticipated that on 1 April 2019 the responsibility for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) regulation will transfer from the Housing Executive to local Councils.

This means that the current Houses in Multiple Occupation Registration Scheme administered by the Housing Executive is to be replaced by a Licensing Scheme to be administered by the Councils.

Therefore, from 1 April 2019 the Housing Executive will no longer have responsibility for regulating HMOs. From this date councils will be responsible for licensing HMOs, carrying out the necessary checks and inspections.

They will also ensure that the property is suitable for the specified maximum number of people that will occupy it.

The Code of Practice for landlords sets out the new licensing approach. This includes the draft HMO Regulations which detail the new licensing fee arrangements.

You can read it at the Department for Communities website.

Councils will publish guidance before the introduction of the new licensing arrangements. This will ensure that HMO owners, landlords, and agents are aware of what they are required to do.

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