Social Enterprise Plus Programme

The Social Enterprise Plus Strategy builds on the success of our Social (Housing) Enterprise Strategy (2015- 2018).

The new Strategy supports:

  • individuals or groups living or working in Housing Executive areas

  • the development of social enterprises within our communities

  • economic activity in Housing Executive areas

We understand the challenges that our social enterprises have been facing recently. We recognise how COVID-19 has compounded these. Social Enterprise Plus funding will help increase economic activity in Housing Executive communities.

The Social Enterprise Plus Funding Programme will support social enterprises to develop:

  • new and sustained job creation

  • new and improved services for Housing Executive Communities.

Important Notice

All programmes must follow government guidelines relating to COVID-19 and social distancing. You can find a range of up to date advice on the NIdirect website at:

Recipients must confirm that they are adhering to government guidance relating to COVID-19. They must also work to the new volunteer guidelines published by Volunteer Now.

These are available at:

What grants are available?

Our grants are currently closed, but we want to talk to you if you have a new idea or want to expand your existing social enterprise within a Housing Executive community. Please feel free to contact a member of the team.

To find out more about the Social Housing Enterprise Plus Programme, contact:

Paul Carland 07767647060

Gwen Tener 07795420169

Connor Smith 07795428562

Or email:

To find out more download our Social Enterprise Plus Strategy.

What Social Enterprises have we invested in?

The Housing Executive has been supporting social enterprises and community investment since 1971. Our aim is to foster vibrant, stable and sustainable communities.

Since 2015, our Social Enterprise Programme has supported a range of social enterprises. These have delivered services from recycling and catering to graphic design and childcare.

These short films give an overview of the Programme and some of the projects we funded.

Below are some of the benefits brought to local communities by social enterprises that we funded.

These short films show how our funding has helped community based social enterprises:

Our accessible directory lists social enterprises that serve Housing Executive communities across NI

Community Involvement Grants Application