Be Scam Aware!

Sam alert warning
Sam alert warning

We have received reports of a telephone scam targeting our customers.

Be aware that fraudsters can call out of the blue or email you claiming that you need to make a payment towards your rent account. They may already have some information about you, and may pose as Housing Executive staff, or one of our contractors, to try to convince you to: 

Make a payment towards your rent account over the phone.

Request confidential or security information such as your rent account or bank account details.

Divulge private information, which can then be used to gain access to your rent account or bank account.

Complete a form or document attached to the email or click through to a website in order to verify your rent account.

 It's important to remember:

Be wary of unsolicited approaches by phone or email, especially if you are asked to provide any personal information.

If you are in doubt, don't be afraid to end the call and refuse requests for information.

If you suspect the email is fraudulent, don’t open attachments, click on links or reply. Report it to us, delete it and empty your deleted items.

Never share your rent account or bank details with anyone.

Criminals may already have some basic information about you (such as your name and address) so don't assume a caller or sender is genuine.

If you receive a suspicious phone call or email from someone claiming to work for or represent the Housing Executive report it to us by calling: