Accommodation for Travellers

Our past research indicates that many Travellers want to live in traditional housing. This may be either in existing social housing estates, or in ‘group housing’ schemes which provide for Travellers’ wishes to live together in extended family groups.

As a result we have developed several group housing schemes to provide for this need. These schemes are delivered by housing associations, with the exception of six dwellings in Killyclogher Road, Omagh, which were transferred to the Housing Executive by the former council.

The need for new housing schemes will be identified by the 2019 housing needs assessment for Irish Travellers. Any new group housing schemes required will also be delivered by housing associations.

Existing group housing schemes are at:

Ballinamullan, Killyclogher Road, Omagh
Landlord: NI Housing Executive
Hillhead Cottages, Magherafelt
Landlord: Fold Housing Association

Mill Race, Monagh Bypass, Belfast

Ballyarnett Labre park

Landlord: APEX Housing Association

Father Cullen Park, Bessbrook

Landlord: Clanmil Housing

Tattykeel, Omagh

Landlord: Fold Housing Association

Briar View, Glen Road, Belfast

Landlord: Clanmil Housing

Some Travellers also want to live on serviced sites. Serviced sites provide facilities for Travellers living in static ‘mobile home’ type accommodation.

There are three open and operational serviced sites in Northern Ireland currently available in the following areas:

The Glen (An Tearmann) serviced / transit site, Coalisland

Office: Dungannon District

Legahory Close

Office: Lurgan / Portadown / Banbridge District

Acorn Grove serviced site, Monbrief Road, Craigavon

Office: Lurgan / Portadown / Banbridge District

Two other serviced sites are currently closed due to health and safety works being required on each site. However, the need to improve these particular sites will be considered as part of the forthcoming housing needs assessment.

These are:

Glen Road Heights serviced site, Glen Road, Belfast

Office: West Belfast District

Daisyfield serviced/transit site, Derry/Londonderry

Office: Waterloo Place District

Some Travellers wish to remain nomadic, and their needs are provided for through ‘transit sites’.

Greenbrae transit site, Strabane*

Office: Strabane District

Ballyarnet transit site, Derry/Londonderry

Office: Collon Terrace District

The Glen (An Tearmann) serviced / transit site, Coalisland

Office: Dungannon District

*The Greenbrae site is temporarily closed due to health and safety works and general improvments to the site. However, due to the nature of the works it is likely the site will remain closed until the summer of 2019.

More information

  • Our Irish Traveller Policy and Strategy Unit is based at the Housing Centre in Belfast, while our Traveller Liaison Officer is based at Marlborough House, Craigavon.

  • Our Traveller Team works closely with a wide range of statutory agencies, housing associations, Traveller support groups and members of the Irish Traveller Community in order to carry out the programme of Traveller specific accommodation.

  • There are no emergency halting sites within Northern Ireland. The need to provide these will be considered as part of the forthcoming research in 2019 into the accommodation needs of Irish Travellers and any subsequent development programme arising from this research.

Our co-operation policy for Travellers