Time to switch your energy supplier?

There are a number of companies currently supplying electricity to the domestic sector in Northern Ireland:-

By switching electricity suppliers you could save money. For the latest tariffs check our tariff information page. There's also a useful website called enirgy.info which has a calculator allowing you to work out the best available deal for you.

Before you decide to switch find out from the new supplier:-

  1. What is the best tariff they can offer? (check your latest bill to find out what tariff you are currently on)
  2. How long this tariff is guaranteed for?
  3. What happens after this time?
  4. Do you have to use a particular method of payment ie pay on-line or by Direct Debit to avail of this tariff?
  5. How long will it be before the switch process is complete?
  6. Who should you contact if you are not happy with the timescale for switching?
  7. Can you switch if you have a keypad meter?
  8. Who should you contact if you have any problems with your keypad meter if it was supplied before you switched?
  9. Will you get a paper bill?
  10. How often will the new supplier read your meter?
  11. Do you have to be submit online meter readings yourself?
  12. Who should you contact if you have problems with your electricity supply?

If you decide to switch check that your new supplier will contact your current supplier to advise you are switching, and that they will give your meter reading to your current supplier in order for them to calculate your final bill.

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