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Disability Forum

The Disability Forum was set up by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and Disability Action.  It provides user representation for visual, hearing, physical, learning, hidden, mental health and multiple disabilities and focuses specifically on the housing issues which can affect people with disabilities.

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Language support

Language support is available if you do not speak English as a first language. The telephone based interpretation service ‘The Big Word’ is available throughout our local offices, and we can provide face-to-face interpreters if required. 


Contact us

You can also contact us at or by calling us on 03448 920 900.

Relay UK (formerly Next Generation Text)

Relay UK allows people who are deaf, hearing or speech impaired to access any services that are available on standard telephone systems. The caller needs either a textphone or the Relay UK app to have their call relayed through the Text Relay Service.

A text relay operator will then type or speak exactly what is being communicated between the caller and the hearing person.

The Relay UK app is free to download and can be used on a smartphone, tablet or computer, but callers should check with their network provider about the cost of calls.

Further information on Relay UK and details of how to download the app, is available at:

You can use these phone numbers to contact the Housing Executive using Relay UK:

General enquiries: 18001 03448 920 900

Repairs: 18001 03448 920 901

Housing Benefit: 18001 03448 920 902

To use:

1. Dial the number for the service you require.

You’ll see 'Relay UK ring ring' on your textphone screen. If your call is answered, you’ll see:

  1. 'Relay UK Answered, please wait for connection'
  2. 'Relay UK Waiting for a free relay assistant'
  3. 'Connected to Relay, please wait'

The Relay Assistant won’t come on the call if it’s not answered.

2. Type your conversation

Once you're connected, you can type or speak your conversation. The Relay Assistant will type back anything the hearing person says.

3. Enjoy your chat

The conversation will carry on this way until one of you ends the call.

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