Meet the team

The vision of the Housing Executive is one in which housing plays its part in creating a peaceful, inclusive, prosperous and fair society.

Our Community Cohesion team’s work is aimed at building better relations, cohesive communities and neighbourhoods that are safe and welcoming to all. This work takes place all year round but Community Relations and Cultural Awareness Week is an opportunity for us to celebrate that work and to celebrate diversity.

That’s why, during Community Relations Week, we will introduce you to the team as well as highlighting and celebrating the pioneering and award-winning work of the team and showcase the many excellent community-led good relations projects the organisation supports.

Denise Conlon is the Head of Communities for the Housing Executive and leads the team with:

  • Deirdre Crawford, the Neighbourhood and Cohesion Manager
  • Anne Ross, the Assistant Neighbourhood and Cohesion Manager
  • Christine Davis, the Shared Housing Officer
  • Gail Green, Interface Officer
  • Emma Galway, Good Relations Officer
  • Sylwia McAvoy, Race Relations Officer.

They are ably supported by Naoimh McArdle McFall, Community Involvement Officer, Lois Lyttle, Senior Administrative Support, and Nuala Mc Allister, Finance Support.

You can discuss Community Cohesion funding with the Good Relations Officer or local office representative for your area.

Contact details for each of our area offices are listed below

Nicole Taggart


Tel: 028 9598 3175

Mob: 07786 061 148

Amanda Ashe    
Tel: 0772 1237 227

Stephen Gamble    
Tel: 028 9598 4612
Mob: 0791 9004 725

Michelle Rafferty    
Email: Michelle.Rafferty@NIHE.GOV.UK
Tel: 028 9598 4918

John Read    
Email: John.Read@NIHE.GOV.UK
Tel: 028 9598 4179

Eddie Breslin    
Email: Eddie.Breslin@NIHE.GOV.UK 
Tel: 028 9598 3925
Mob:‚Äč 0776 9977 897

Anne Marie Convery, Good Relations Officer  
Tel: 028 9598 4063
Mob: 07436 068 971


Christopher Spence    
Tel: 028 9598 3315
Mob: 0739 3146 235

Gus Moore    
Tel: 028 9598 4641
Mob: 0782 5140 749

Jennifer Drain    
Tel: 028 9598 4067

Michelle Hazlett    
Email: Michelle.Hazlett@NIHE.GOV.UK 
Tel: 028 9598 3536
Mob: 0777 1837 356

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