Renewable Energy

Switch to renewable energy sources for your heating

Renewable energy can sometimes be an option for both heating and powering homes.

Check out NI Direct to find out more on the practicalities of using different renewable energy technologies.

Here are some common methods of renewable energy:

  • solar power uses the sun's energy either to directly heat water (solar water heating) or to generate electricity (Photovoltaic or Solar PV)

  • wind power can be used to generate electricity using turbines

  • running water can also be used to generate electricity using a turbine

  • biomass (plant products or animal waste) can be burnt to heat your home or to heat water - the most common fuel used is wood, although plant oils, sugar cane and other crops can also be used (if you live in a smoke control area, you can get advice about what fuels you can burn from your council)

  • ground source heat pumps make use of heat stored in the ground to pre-heat water for the heating system - this water is then heated to the required standard using electricity

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