Minor adaptations without referral

If you are a Housing Executive tenant and wish to apply for a minor adaptation which does not require occupational therapist referral, you will need to follow the process detailed below.

Please note that the completion of adaptation work may involve certain people calling to your home, including Housing Executive staff, occupational therapists, technical advisers and building contractors. If a caller claims to be on official business always ask to see the caller's identification card.

Step 1: Contact your local office

You will need to contact your local office to discuss the type of adaptation you are requesting. Our staff there will advise you about the process involved. Your request will be passed to a maintenance officer.

Step 2: Maintenance officer evaluation

A maintenance officer may call to your home to assess the technical feasibility of carrying out a minor adaptation to your home. After the assessment, the maintenance officer will specify the type of work required for the adaptation and issue the work to a building contractor. The maintenance officer will also specify a time-scale, in which the work must be completed, depending on the priority of your case. If you wish to know the time-scale for completion of your work please contact your local office.

Step 3: Starting work

The building contractor will complete the work within the set time scales according to the priority your request has been given. If there are delays with the building contractor, please contact your local office.

Step 4: Inspection

A maintenance officer may call to your home to inspect the work and ensure that it has been completed to a high standard. If you are not happy with the quality of the work, please contact your local office.

If you are unsure about any of the stages in the process please contact our staff in the local office and they will explain the process.

Further guidance

For further guidance on the Minor Adaptations to Housing Executive and Housing Association properties that do not require an Occupational Therapist (OT) recommendation download our leaflet: