Eligible tenancies

Types of tenancy included in the House Sales Scheme

This is a full list of the types of tenancy which are eligible for the scheme. If you are not sure whether your tenancy is eligible, contact your Regional Place Shaping Office

1.    (a) The Northern Ireland Housing Executive

       (b) A district council within the meaning of the Local Government Act (NI) 1972

       (c) A registered housing association within the meaning of Chapter II of Part II of the Housing (NI) Order 1983.

2.    One of the following bodies in England and Wales:-

  • A District Council
  • A County Council
  • A London Borough Council
  • The Common Council of the City of London
  • The Council of the Isles of Scilly.

Any of the following bodies set up as a result of the abolition of the Greater London Council and the metropolitan county councils:

  • A Metropolitan County Authority
  • The Northumbria Police Authority
  • A Metropolitan County Fire and Civil Defence Authority
  • The London Fire and Civil Defence Authority
  • A Metropolitan County Passenger Transport Authority
  • The London Waste Regulation Authority
  • The West London, North London, East London and Western Riverside Waste Disposal Authorities
  • The Merseyside and Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authorities
  • The London Residuary Body
  • A Metropolitan County Residuary Body
  • A New Town or Urban Development Corporation
  • The Commission for the New Towns
  • The Development Board for Rural Wales
  • A Housing Action Trust

A housing association registered with the Housing Corporation or Housing for Wales and if it is not:

  • A charity
  • An association which has not received public subsidy
  • A co-operative association
  • The Housing Corporation
  • Housing for Wales.

3.    Corresponding authorities and bodies in Scotland are:-

  • A Regional Island or District Council
  • A joint board or joint committee of such a council
  • The common good of such a council or a trust under its control
  • A development corporation (including an Urban Development Corporation)
  • Scottish Homes
  • A housing association which falls within paragraph (a) of section 61 (2) of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987.

4.    Additional tenancies to be recognised for qualification and discount purposes:

  • Regular Armed Forces of the Crown Accommodation
  • An Education and Library Board established under the Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986.
  • The Fire Authority for Northern Ireland established under the Fire Services (NI) Order 1984.
  • The Northern Ireland Electricity Service established under the Electricity Supply (NI) Order 1972.
  • The Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company established under the Transport Act (NI) 1967.
  • The Police Authority for Northern Ireland
  • The Sports Council for Northern Ireland
  • An Area Board established by section 1 (2) of the Electricity Act 1947
  • A Community Council
  • A Fire Authority for the purposes of the Fire Services Acts 1947 to 1959
  • A government (including National Health Service Properties)
  • An Internal Drainage Board within the meaning of Section 6 of the land Drainage Act 1976
  • A Minister of the Crown
  • A parish council and the trustees of a parish under Part II of the Transport Act 1968
  • A Water Authority established in accordance with Section 2 of the Water Act 1973, and a water authority in Scotland as constituted under Section 3 of the Water (Scotland) Act 1980.
  • The Agricultural and Food Research Council
  • The AFRC Institute for Grassland and Animal Production
  • The British Broadcasting Corporation
  • The British Coal Corporation
  • The British Gas Corporation
  • The British Railways Board
  • The British Waterways Board
  • The Central Electricity Generating Board
  • The Church Commissioners
  • The Civil Aviation Authority
  • The Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses
  • The Countryside Commission for Scotland
  • The Electricity Council
  • The Highlands and Islands Development Board
  • The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England.
  • The Lake District Special Planning Board
  • The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority
  • London Regional Transport
  • Inner London Education Authority
  • The Medical Research Council
  • The National Bus Company
  • The National Library of Wales
  • The National Museum of Wales
  • The Natural Environment Research Council
  • The Nature Conservancy Council
  • The North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board
  • The Peak Park Joint Planning Board
  • Police Authorities
  • The Post Office
  • The Prison Service
  • The Science and Engineering Research Council
  • The Secretary of State, where the dwelling-house was at the material time used for the purposes of Her Majesty’s Coastguard
  • The Secretary of State, where the dwelling-house was at the material time used for the purposes of any function transferred to him under Section 1 (2) of the Defence (Transfer of Functions) Act 1964 or any function relating to defence conferred on him by or under any subsequent enactment.
  • The South of Scotland Electricity Board
  • The Sports Council
  • The Scottish Sports Council
  • The Sports Council for Wales
  • The Trinity House
  • The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
  • The Welsh Development Agency
  • Community Councils in Wales
  • Tenancy periods with former Public Sector bodies which have now been privatised will be eligible for discount only in respect of the period up till date of Privatisation.

5.    The landlord condition is not satisfied if the interest of the landlord belonged to the Trinity House, where the dwelling-house was held otherwise than in connection with its functions as a general lighthouse authority within the meaning of section 634 of the Merchant Shipping Act 1894