Overview of Governance

Corporate governance in the Housing Executive

Corporate Governance is the system that guides and controls an organisation. 

Corporate Governance is about:

  • an organisation’s culture & values
  • Board leadership
  • staff behaviour
  • attitudes and accountability
  • clearly setting out roles and responsibilities in an organisation

In this section we show how we use our resources properly and effectively. We provide an overview of:

  • our structures, documents and controls
  • how our resources should be used properly
  • how we work with our sponsor department, the Department for Communities
  • what is expected from our staff

We will continue to review our policies and documents to ensure that they reflect the good corporate governance.

Overview of governance

We are responsible for:

  • assessing and meeting the housing needs in Northern Ireland
  • providing social housing and targeting social need
  • promoting high standards of new house building and maintenance
  • housing management
  • maintaining close relationships with registered housing associates
  • general housing advice
  • acting as Northern Ireland’s Home Energy Efficiency Authority for

We operate within a Corporate Governance Framework. It holds us accountable to our users, stakeholders and the wider community.

Corporate Assurance Strategy

DfC Management Statement & Financial Memorandum (Dossier of Controls)

These documents set out the policies to be exercised over the different areas of the Housing Executive. They explain the policies and procedures which are agreed by the Department for Communities (DFC) and the Permanent Secretary is responsible for.

A number of the documents are currently under review. You can find more information at:

Governance structure