Corporate Governance Manual

Key Documents

The Corporate Governance Manual aims to support and help the Housing Executive ensure the highest standards of Corporate Governance throughout the organisation and to promote adherence to accepted good governance principles.

The Department for Communities Management Statement: Financial Memorandum (MSFM) and Dossier of Controls set out the controls to be exercised over the different areas of the Housing Executive’s activities by the Department.

The Audit & Risk Assurance Committee, as an established Committee of the Board, supports the Board in its responsibilities for issues of risk control and governance, by reviewing the comprehensiveness of assurances in meeting the Board and Accounting Officer’s assurance needs and reviewing the reliability and integrity of these assurances.

To conduct its business efficiently, a public body needs to ensure that it has sound financial management policies in place and that they are adhered to.

Our Financial Regulations provide the framework within which the financial administration is to be conducted and ensure that sound financial control is operated.

The Financial Controls can be found in the:

The Terms of Reference for these Committees reflect the authority for day to day business operations, delegated by the Board to the Chief Executive and nominated officers under Standing Orders and the Board Scheme of Delegations

Standing Orders are a key governance document for any Board and help ensure transparent and effective decision making. Standing Orders regulate the proceedings, meetings and business of the Authority and its Committees.

Board Minutes