Neighbourhood officer services

Our Neighbourhood Officer Services team aims to improve our estates. They tackle issues that directly affect you. They work with the local community and a wide range of agencies. Our Neighbourhood Officers are part of the area office teams. They spend most of their time on your estate carrying out a range of jobs that make a real difference locally.

Environmental management

Our neighbourhood officer will work with your community to keep your estate as clean as possible. They will:

  • make sure estates are kept free of illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles
  • check the condition of open space
  • get graffiti removed as quickly as possible
  • raise awareness of local environmental issues within the community
  • work with other agencies to improve the environment

Housing management

Neighbourhood officers provide advice and assistance on a wide range of housing related matters. This includes the standard of service you should expect to receive.

Neighbourhood officers will:

  • carry out daily inspections of empty properties
  • show potential tenants vacant properties
  • check for abandoned properties
  • accept repair requests from tenants
  • advise residents of other services that are available

Working with the community

Neighbourhood officers work closely with the community and other agencies to resolve issues and problems that you identify locally.

Neighbourhood officers will:

  • work with communities and individuals to address local issues of concern
  • work with vulnerable residents
  • contribute to community development along with other statutory, community and voluntary sector agencies
  • keep the community informed of issues which directly affect their wellbeing

Addressing estate safety 

Tackling anti-social behaviour is one of our key priorities. Our neighbourhood officers play an important role in making our estates safe and popular places to live.  Neighbourhood officers can be your first point of contact to report anti-social activity, nuisance or breach of tenancy.

Your neighbourhood officer will:

  • work to ensure that all residents have the right to enjoy their homes peacefully
  • accept reports of anti-social behaviour from residents
  • help to resolve low level incidents of anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance as quickly as possible
  • work with the police, local council officers and other agencies to address any issues which are having a negative impact where you live


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