Independent living in rural areas

We want to help you to live independently in your rural home for as long as you want to. We know that as you get older, you may need to adapt your home to improve your quality of life. 

Our Disabled Facilities Grant can help fund adaptation works for private tenants or owner occupiers. We may also be able to make adaptations to our properties if needed.

However if you would like additional housing support we can also help you find local sheltered accommodation that will meet your needs.


We recognise that homelessness is not just a problem in inner cities and urban streets. As a rural resident you may face the same difficulties as people in towns and cities, such as:

  • low incomes
  • relationship breakdown
  • lack of a secure home
  • health problems and social isolation

All of these factors can lead to homelessness.

If you are homeless, or faced with homelessness, you should contact us as soon as possible. We can provide advice and guidance and support to help you based on your individual circumstances. You can find more information at our Homelessness section.

Rural development - support and assistance