Repair Grant


This grant can help landlords where a council has issued a ‘statutory notice’ about repairs on their property.

The notice tells a landlord that they must carry out work to improve their property. It also tells them by what date they must complete the work.

The council may issue one of two statutory notices to a landlord. They do this after an inspection of the property.

The notices are:

  • Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Notice,  or
  • Notice of Disrepair*

*Where there is a protected or statutory tenancy (under the Rent Order (NI) 1978). 

You can read more about this on the NI Direct website at:

A council may have issued either of these statutory notices for your property.

You can  start the work immediately as the council will only allow a short time to complete the work. 

The work must address what is included statutory notice and the grant processed afterward.  When you apply for the grant you should include the invoice for the cost of the work with your application.

We will inspect the work before making a payment.

  • landlords
  • agents
  • some private tenants
  • owners or landlords of vacant properties

This grant is for the repair or replacement of existing items. It is not for adding anything new to the property.

If you wish carry out additional work then you must arrange to pay for this yourself, it will not be grant aided through the Repair Grant.

We administer the grant aid on behalf of the Department for Communities. 

We do not arrange for work to be completed, or carry out work.

It is your responsibility to:

  • appoint an architect to develop drawings (a Principal Designer)
  • appoint a builder or contractor, if needed, to carry out the work (a Principal Contractor)
  • arrange planning permission and/or building regulations approval where necessary

You can read more about contractors at:

Ni Direct has also published information on:

The maximum grant aid available is £7,500 over a period of 3 years. The amount of grant available does not depend on your income.

We will consider:

  • the type of work needed; and
  • the Net Annual Valuation (NAV) value of the property**

**Please note

If valued before 2007 the amount of grant-aid is worked out using a percentage (%) calculation based on the NAV.

If valued after 2007 the grant will be a percentage of the approved cost or the  maximum grant aid available. The amount of grant aid will be whichever is the lesser.

You can get more information about your property’s NAV from:

Contact your local grants office to discuss the grant amount you could receive.

We will only pay the grant aid when:

  • you have completed all the work to the property, and
  • you have sent us all accounts, receipts and certificates

For more information contact your local Grants Office on:

T: 03448 920 900 (Textphone 18001 03448 920 900)