Commissioning prospectus

The Housing Executive produces the Commissioning Prospectus to provide housing associations, developers and other interested stakeholders detailed information about the requirements for the provision of new social and affordable housing throughout Northern Ireland.

In particular, the prospectus presents data which will enable housing associations to make informed decisions about where to search for land and property to deliver new social and affordable housing within assessed housing need and strategic targets.

The prospectus forms an integral part of the Social Housing Development Programme (SHDP) approved by the Minister (Department for Communities), identifying areas where there is a shortage of acquired development sites and the Housing Executive would welcome suitable scheme proposals.

The prospectus is updated and published annually to reflect the most recent assessment of local market issues and unmet housing needs. Our Regional Place Shaping teams are available to discuss any site specific queries; provide any additional details or further information that you may require. You can contact our Place Shaping team on 03448 920 900.

You can also view the schemes currently included within the Social Housing Development Programme here.

Please note that the Social Housing Development Programme is frequently updated. You can download the latest SDHP amendments.

You can download a copy of the Commissioning Prospectus.

Download Commissioning Prospectus

Housing Investment Plans (HIPS)
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