Housing Investment Plans (HIPS)

Our Housing Investment Plans

We publish Housing Investment Plans for each Council. The Housing Investment Plans are four year plans providing a long term, holistic, cross tenure look at local housing markets. The Housing Investment Plans set out ten outcomes under five themes, which performance can be measured against.

It is anticipated the Housing Investment Plan will assist Councils in the Community Planning process. The HIP will be an important evidence base for the Community Plan and will help facilitate discussion on housing issues within each district. In addition, a purpose of the HIP is to inform Councils on the various programmes and initiatives the Housing Executive and Housing Associations are developing to meet local housing needs.

Housing Investment Plan updates

Annual updates

In 2015 we launched our four year Housing Investment Plans (HIP), which identified housing related outcomes and provided details of the issues and initiatives which we considered would affect the local housing environment during the following year.

This year we have produced HIP annual updates for each of the local council areas, which report on the progress of the Housing Executive and other agencies to achieve these outcomes and on how we intend to deliver housing ambitions over the remaining three years of the HIP, and the longer term.

The updates are intended to initiate discussions with councils and stakeholders to develop a shared vision for the future of housing in your council area.

You can now download the Housing Investment Plans and the latest available updates of our Housing Investment Plans for the following local council areas:

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