Buying with the Equity Sharing Scheme

Read our step-by-step guide to buying through the Equity Sharing Scheme

When we receive your completed application form we will check that you are eligible to buy your home.

We will then have your home valued by an independent valuer. This valuation should be completed within three weeks.  

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Within 10 weeks of your application (12 weeks for a flat) we will send you a letter of offer stating:

  • the market value of the property – this is what it would sell for on the open market
  • any discount entitlement – this is the amount that we will reduce the price that you have to pay to buy your home
  • the historic cost, where it will apply
  • how we work out the price you will have to pay
  • an estimate of the housing costs that you may be likely to pay if you decide to buy your home through equity sharing

After you receive this letter you will have 6 weeks to tell us:

  • if you want to go ahead with the application
  • if you want to buy the property outright
  • if you want to buy part of the equity in your home  

If you do not agree with the valuation of your home you must tell us within one month of receiving your letter.

You will then have six weeks to respond to us.

At this stage you can still change your mind, or increase or decrease the level of equity you want to buy.

If you accept the offer, we will then draw up a contract of sale. You will then need to hire a solicitor and give us their details.

If you decide to change the amount of equity you want to buy, we will send you an amended offer.  You will have three weeks to respond to this amended offer.

You must then either go ahead with the amended application, or cancel the application.

When you accept the amended offer, we will draw up a contract of sale. By this stage you must have appointed a solicitor.

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