House prices and affordability

In its role as the Regional Strategic Housing Authority, and to help inform its planning activity, the Housing Executive seeks to provide up-to-date, ongoing insight into the performance of the Northern Ireland housing market. 

House Price Index Reports

The House Price Index examines trends, performance and spatial patterns of house prices and is produced by Ulster University, in partnership with the Housing Executive and Progressive Building Society.

About the House Price Index Report

  • The report is produced four times a year.
  • As a measure of annual change, it compares each quarter with the same three months of the previous year.
  • As an indicator of short-term change it compares each quarter with the previous three months. 
  • Information is presented on the performance of the residential property market in Northern Ireland, with an analysis of sale price by different property types. 
  • The overall performance of the housing market is measured by a weighted index to reflect the market share of each property type.
  • The index captures various changes within a single statistic. This allows trends over time to be tracked.
  • Analysis of variations between regional areas provides the opportunity to explore trends in different market areas throughout the province.

Download House Price Index reports

You can download the latest House Price Index reports from the Ulster University at:


You can also view a number of copies of the House Price Index reports in PDF format.

Asking Price Index: Summary Research Report 2017

This report analyses the performance of the Northern Ireland housing market in terms of changes in the prices asked by home sellers, depicting market sentiment and performance.

Download the Asking Price Index 2017 Report (PDF 181 kB)

Affordability in the private housing market in Northern Ireland in 2018

This report summarises analysis carried out by Ulster University, looking at two related measures of house price purchase affordability (repayment affordability and deposit requirements) in Northern Ireland, since 2010.

Download Affordability in Northern Ireland private housing market ( PDF 723 kB)

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