Energy efficiency and sustainability

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Research

In its role as the Home Energy Conservation Authority (HECA) for Northern Ireland, the Housing Executive seeks to support improvements in home energy efficiency across the entire housing stock in the region.  

This includes carrying out and/or supporting research to promote innovation and help track the progress of energy efficiency programmes and projects.  This page contains information about energy efficiency and sustainability related research which has been carried out and used to assist this process.

Corporate Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan (2022-2027):
Delivering Sustainable Homes and Communities

The Housing Executive’s Corporate Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan sets out our strategic approach to balancing our responsibility to provide quality, affordable housing and improving on our social and environmental impact.

The strategy is guided by current policy and is built on the principles of sustainable development. It provides a framework for tackling environmental and social challenges over the next five years, including responding to the climate emergency.

Cavity Wall Insulation Inspection Report

In August 2013, we appointed South Eastern Regional College (SERC) to carry out a research project into cavity wall insulation in our properties. 

The aim of the research was to identify any quality and effectiveness issues with all types of cavity wall insulation our properties, to report on the scale of the problem, and to highlight potential cost effective remedies. You can download the report below.

Warm Homes Customer Satisfaction Survey 

The Housing Executive was a quality assurance contractor for the Warm Homes Scheme whilst it was running.

This involved regularly assessing levels of customer satisfaction with the different elements of the Warm Homes service, with a view to identifying areas for improvement, where appropriate.

Download the 2014 and 2013 Early Years Warm Homes Customer Satisfaction Surveys below.

External Wall Insulation Pilot Scheme 2013

This provides a summary of the external wall insulation scheme pilot that was undertaken by the Housing Executive in 2013.

The research was carried out to inform the development of a policy for solid wall insulation in Housing Executive properties, and enable householders to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, thereby reducing fuel bills, carbon dioxide emissions and the impacts of climate change.

Download research study here.

Torrens Solar Panel Evaluation 2013

  • In September 2013 our Research unit completed a piece of research on behalf of FOLD Housing Association and the Housing Executive’s Energy Unit in the newly built Torrens estate.
  • The overall aim of the research project was to gauge satisfaction among users of the new solar thermal water heating system, with a view to providing an evidence base for both FOLD Housing Association and the Housing Executive to develop and further refine policies and procedures relating to installation and maintenance.
  • Download the report here 

New Heating Solutions 2012 (Published September 2013)

  • With rising fuel prices and fuel poverty, and ambitious local targets for using renewable energy, it is imperative that the cost effectiveness of energy systems in our homes is evaluated.
  • Our Research Unit completed an evaluation of a range of new heating solutions and their impact on tenants both in cost and usage.
  • Download the study 

Affordable Warmth Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019

Evaluation of Solar PV Scheme

In summer 2016 the Housing Executive (NIHE) completed a solar PV scheme in partnership with Saliis Ltd, to install solar panels into approximately 1,000 Housing Executive homes using private finance based on the “rent a roof” model. The scheme was the first solar PV project for residential properties in Northern Ireland. This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the scheme, which was approved by the Board as part of the 2019/20 Research Programme, commissioned by the Research Unit in consultation with the Sustainable Development Unit, and carried out by Perceptive Insight Market Research Ltd.

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