Housing Community Network

We are always keen to involve residents and their local community associations in discussing and developing their local services and addressing housing issues generally. To achieve this we established the Housing Community Network (HCN) in 1982.

The HCN works on four levels:


At the estate or community level, local office and Supporting Communities staff are available to assist communities in setting up bona fide associations to represent the views of their local community to the Housing Executive and other agencies.


Area managers will look for representatives from each of the local resident/community associations across the neighbourhood to come together at a neighbourhood forum. The forum will discuss service group standards, service delivery and related housing issues.


There is also a forum set up in each of the Housing Executive's 5 regions, to which each District HCN sends representatives. The Regional Housing Community Networks monitor and review services throughout their area.


The Central Housing Community Network is the Housing Executive's central panel advising on our policies and procedures. The Central HCN comprises of 15 tenant and community representatives nominated from the area networks.

Our Community Involvement Strategy