Sustaining Tenancies Funding

Tranche 2 of the Housing Executive Sustaining Tenancies Funding Programme 2021-2024 will open to expressions of interest from the 3rd March.

The fund will support our tenants in creating more:

  • resilient, sustainable tenancies
  • in the short, medium and long term.

We particularly want to help vulnerable customers at greater risk of tenancy breakdown.

We aim to invest £1.5 million in the voluntary and community sector through grants between £5k and £50k for this purpose.

We will deliver this in three tranches;

Tranche 1:

  • Opened on 22nd November 2021
  • Expressions of interest should be for funding for projects lasting up to 28 months.
  • Closed 9th December 2021.

Tranche 2:

  • Opened on 3rd March 2022
  • Expressions of interest should be for funding for projects lasting up to 24 months.
  • Closed on 21st March 2022

Tranche 3:

  • Opens February/ March 2023
  • Expression of interest should be for funding for projects lasting up to 12 months

We want to hear about projects that:

  • last up to 24 months and
  • need funding between £5k and £50k over the lifetime of the project

You can download the:

We have listed the Priority Funding Areas for Tranche 2 below. We would particularly welcome projects which address these issues.

However, the funding is open to any project that can show that it will help our tenants to have more resilient, sustainable tenancies.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing of Housing Executive tenants or their households. This includes help to sustain a tenancy whilst managing or overcoming addiction.
  • Tackling social isolation and loneliness of Housing Executive tenants or their households. This applies to all age groups.
  • Practical skills, tools and resources for managing and maintaining a tenancy. This should target Housing Executive tenants or those preparing to take up a social tenancy. This includes people who are currently on the social housing waiting list.
  • Sustaining tenancies through projects that support Housing Executive tenants to:
    • manage their tenancies or
    • engage with their community and
    • reduce their carbon footprint or improve the local environment.

The Sustaining Tenancies Funding is open to Community and Voluntary sector groups who are:

  • properly constituted; and
  • operating in Northern Ireland 

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Housing Community Network groups
  • Residents’ groups and
  • Social Enterprises, charitable organisations and Community Interest Companies that are limited by guarantee.

We will ask organisations to supply documentation to confirm their status. We will perform checks on the eligibility of the organisation seeking funding.

For example, we will check the Government Funding Database. This will be done as part of the expression of interest.

We are open to proposals for projects where two or more organisations have come together.

Both organisations must meet the eligibility criteria. But you should identify a lead organisation to allow us to:

  • process payments and
  • track responsibilities should the project receive an award.

We have listed examples of items that we can and cannot fund below.

Please note that this list is not a full list but is a general guideline.

We can support:

  • projects and activities that promote the welfare and comfort of Housing Executive tenants *
    • this includes support which may help tenants to sustain a tenancy
  • salary costs and volunteer expenses
  • venue hire
  • equipment hire
  • transport hire
  • some non-capital works to property e.g. painting and minor decoration
  • purchase of goods, materials and equipment

* We may be able to contribute support to projects that improve tenancy resilience or tenancy sustainability of other tenure types, as well as Housing Executive tenancies, if proportionate match funding is available from another source.

We cannot support:

  • projects or activities that provide no potential benefit to:
    • our tenants, or
    • those likely to become our tenants
  • projects or activities that duplicate provision that already exists
  • costs that are already covered by other funding or income sources
  • fundraising events
  • goods or services purchased or ordered before receiving a Letter of Offer
  • activities that have already taken place or are underway before the Letter of Offer
  • capital improvement works to commercial or domestic property
  • party political activities
  • organisations, projects or activities that are unlawful or discriminatory
  • fines or compensation costs

The Application Process for the Sustaining Tenancies Fund has 2 stages;

1. Expression of Interest

This is a short form which will enable the Housing Executive to determine the:

  • eligibility
  • suitability and
  • strategic relevance of the project

The eligibility check will ensure that the Housing Executive can fund the project.

A panel of Housing Executive staff will review the submission. They will decide if a project will progress to stage 2.

We aim to make a decision around two weeks after we have received all Expressions of Interest. The closing date for their submission is 21st March 2022.

2. Full Application and Showcase

We will ask successful stage 1 projects to complete a full application form. You must then provide more detail about the:

  • objectives
  • project plan and
  • breakdown of costs

We may ask the group or organisation to showcase their project to one of our funding panels.

In Tranche 2, you can choose to deliver your project showcase online over video call, or in person in our offices in line with public health guidance.

This is an informal setting, and an opportunity for you to share your passion for your project.

You can use any props that you would like. And you may invite anyone to attend with you. For example, you may wish to bring the full project team, or a service user to provide a testimonial.

This stage will take around 4 weeks from beginning to end. You should receive a funding decision within 10 working days.

If the Housing Executive offers your project an award, we will prepare a Memorandum of Agreement.

This will outline the:

  • payment and vouching schedule
  • conditions of the grant
  • governance and insurance arrangements you must have in place
  • and the monitoring and evaluation duties

We will release the first instalment of the grant when we receive the signed agreement.

Please note:

All projects involving direct intervention with a Housing Executive customer must use a specified outcomes measurement approach.

This will help us to understand:

  • the impact of the project
  • the impact of our funding programme

We will facilitate online training for this.

The Housing Executive is the Data Controller for the personal data it gathers. This is set out in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

These rules apply to the administration of the Sustaining Tenancies Grant Funding Programme.

We need certain information from you as part of the funding application process.

We need this information for these specified purposes:

  • to identify the group
  • to update the relevant funding databases
  • to provide any communications which may arise throughout the application process, and
  • for payment of any funding which may arise from the application

When you submit an Expression of Interest form you agree to the terms of the application process.

That means that you also consent to the Housing Executive processing your information.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting:

If you withdraw consent, we will be unable to progress your application for funding.

Your information may be shared with Housing Executive staff involved in providing this service.

We may also share it between internal departments to ensure the effective delivery of service.

The Housing Executive holds and stores personal data in a safe and secure manner. We do this in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Information relating to an application for funding may be shared with others for statistical analysis.

It may also be included in the Government Funding Database. This may include contact details provided as part of the application. The purpose of this is fraud prevention and detection.

Information is only shared where:

  • this is necessary to comply with our legal obligations, or
  • as permitted by the relevant data protection legislation

The Housing Executive will keep the data provided as part of the application process in line with current retention policy.

Privacy Notice

The Housing Executive is committed to:

  • protecting your privacy and
  • maintaining your trust and confidence in how we handle your information.

For more information, you can view our Privacy Notice at: