Setting up a community group

We are always keen to involve residents in discussing and developing their local services and addressing housing issues generally.  We recognise that joining a community group does not suit all tenants. We are therefore creating a register of interested tenants who would like to be consulted on issues that may affect them.  For example, should we make changes to a policy such as the repairs policy, homelessness, disability issues, race relations, rent arrears, young people or rural matters it would be useful for us to know your views.

If you would like to join our Tenant Involvement Register please download and complete the Tenant Involvement Register form or contact your local office for further information on tel 03448 920 900.

Set up your own community organisation

Community organisations should help to empower individuals and build a better society. They should promote inclusivity, build confidence and skills and allow people to exercise greater power in their everyday lives.

By working in partnership with other organisations such as ourselves, community organisations can help to maximise resources and influence strategies, making sure that everyone has a say in their community.

In order for community organisations to be successful, they require everyone to participate or give support. Volunteering your time and effort either formally or informally can make all the difference to your community.

Supporting Communities