Housing Executive Tenants

Energy and heating

As the Home Energy Conservation Authority (HECA) we provide impartial and free energy advice and grant signposting to all households across Northern Ireland through the NI Energy Advice Service.

This service provides advice on energy efficiency and signposting to grant schemes and the oil buying club network.

You can access NI Energy Advice Service by phoning:

The Oil Buying Network is open to everyone in Northern Ireland and are based on a simple idea – the more people that buy oil together, the lower the cost.

You can buy as little as 200 litres of oil. When all club member orders are put together the Club can get a better price.

The best way to negotiate a great price for your Club, is NI Oil Buying Network negotiating on the intended bulk order, on behalf of an area of clubs. 

Savings made are passed on to all members.

The more people that take part in the initial orders, the greater the savings. We are open to new membership.

We can help you set up a new club in an area of need.

For more information:

You can find out more about oil buying in our section on:

Benefits and financial advice

Financial Inclusion Managers are available to help Housing Executive tenants with any issues they may have regarding money worries, debt advice and/or benefits.

The service they provide helps to ensure that tenants are in receipt of all benefits that they are entitled to.

The managers can also advocate for you in claims or appeals processes, as well as provide debt advice and onward referrals to specialist debt services.

If you are a tenant you can request a referral to a Financial Inclusion Manager by contacting your Patch Manager on:

tel: 03448 920 900 

Our Making Your Money Work service is tailored to improve the overall wellbeing of our tenants by not only maximising money management skills but also providing the appropriate service they need through signposting and referrals.

We have produced ‘Making Your Money Work’, a guide with practical advice on how to deal with financial challenges. It also has a useful family budget planner.

You can download the guide below.

Download 'Making Your Money Work' (PDF 2MB)

You can check you’re receiving all the money you are entitled to using our Benefit and Budget Calculator.

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