Private Sector Tenants

Energy and heating

As the Home Energy Conservation Authority (HECA) we provide impartial and free energy advice and grant signposting to all households across Northern Ireland through the NI Energy Advice Service.

This service provides advice on energy efficiency and signposting to grant schemes and the oil buying club network.

You can access NI Energy Advice Service by phoning:

Or contacting Energy Advisers online through the ‘Get in touch’ form available at: 

Or by emailing:

The Oil Buying Network is open to everyone in Northern Ireland and are based on a simple idea – the more people that buy oil together, the lower the cost.

You can buy as little as 200 litres of oil. When all club member orders are put together the Club can get a better price.

The best way to negotiate a great price for your Club, is NI Oil Buying Network negotiating on the intended bulk order, on behalf of an area of clubs. 

Savings made are passed on to all members.

The more people that take part in the initial orders, the greater the savings. We are open to new membership.

We can help you set up a new club in an area of need.

For more information:

You can find out more about oil buying in our section on:

The Affordable Warmth Scheme addresses the effects of fuel poverty and energy inefficiency. The scheme is directed at low income households.

It is a targeted scheme aimed at those areas where levels of fuel poverty are highest. 

The scheme may be available to you if you:

  • live in Northern Ireland
  • own and occupy your property as your main home
  • have your day / life interest in the house
  • rent from a private landlord, and
  • have a total annual gross income of less than £23,000

It is not available for tenants living in social housing; you are not eligible if you are a Housing Executive or housing association tenant. 

The Scheme provides grant aid to improve energy efficiency measures within your home.
The property must not be a

  • holiday home
  • bed & breakfast
  • commercial establishment

We work with local Councils to deliver the Scheme throughout Northern Ireland. 

Grants are subject to the availability of funding.

More information on the Affordable Warmth Scheme can be found in our section on the:
Affordable Warmth Scheme

Benefits and financial advice

The Discretionary Housing Payment scheme allows us to provide extra help with your rent if your Universal Credit or Housing Benefit does not fully cover your rent charge.

Each Discretionary Housing Payment is considered on a case-by-case basis and on its own merit.

Discretionary Housing Payments are intended to help tenants living in the private rented sector sustain their tenancy and prevent and alleviate homelessness.

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent then find out if you might be eligible for a Discretionary Housing in our section:

If you believe you may be eligible for Housing Benefit or Housing Costs within Universal Credit you can speak to our staff within Housing Benefit who are trained to provide you with advice.

You can also access our:

You can contact our Housing Benefit team by phoning:

The 'Make the Call' service helps people get all of the Benefits that they are entitled to.

Even if you are already receiving Benefits you may be entitled to extra money.

Checking if you are entitled to Benefits is really straightforward, just make the call:

To receive a call back:

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