Housing Benefit entitlement

The amount of Housing Benefit you get will depend on:

  • The Local Housing Allowance if you live in the private rented sector, or
  • Social Sector Size Criteria (Bedroom Tax) if you live in the social rented sector
  • A means-test - we compare your total weekly income with the amount the government says you need to live on
  • If you have a non-dependent living with you; and
  • If you are impacted by the Benefit Cap.

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You may not receive any Housing Benefit if: 

  • you have more than £16,000 savings/capital (unless you get Guarantee Pension Credit)

  • you pay rent to a close relative that you live with

  • you are a full-time student (unless you have a disability or are responsible for a child)

  • you are responsible for a child and pay rent to the child’s parent

  • you recently sold your home and now rent the same home

  • you are a care leaver aged 16 or 17

  • you are not a UK/Irish national and do not qualify for Housing Benefit

  • a court has told you to live in a hostel as a condition of bail

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Quick online calculation for Housing Benefit

To find out how much Housing Benefit you might expect to receive, use our:

To use the calculator you will need:

  • the rent charge

  • age of all members of your household, and

  • income details for all members of your household

The calculator only provides an estimate. It is not the actual amount you will receive.

To find out how to apply for Housing Benefit go to:


The information in this section is for general advice only. 

Contact your local Housing Benefit office if you have any queries.

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