Lone Pensioner Allowance

What is Lone Pensioner Allowance?

This benefit provides help to some people who pay rates on their home. 

Who is eligible? 

To qualify you must:

  • Be aged 70 or over;

  • Live alone (exceptions may apply); and

  • Have to pay rates (this can be as part of or along with your rent).

Both tenants and homeowners can apply for Lone Pensioner Allowance.

How much Lone Pensioner Allowance can I get?

Anyone who qualifies for Lone Pensioner Allowance will get a 20% reduction on their rates bill. Once awarded, it will only change if someone comes to live with you or you no longer have to pay rates. 

Is it ‘means’ tested?

No, Lone Pensioner Allowance is NOT means tested so you will not have to give details of your income or savings when you apply. You can have any amount of savings and investments and still qualify. Social security benefits should not be affected.

Living alone exemptions

If someone else lives with you, you may still qualify for Lone Pensioner Allowance, if that person is providing care to you and they're not a disqualified relative.

Who is a disqualified relative?

This is someone who is your spouse or partner. 

How do I apply?

Renting your home

A tenant (Housing Executive | housing association | private landlord), who pays rates and qualifies for Lone Pensioner Allowance, makes a claim to the Housing Executive.

Not renting or owning but pay rates (eg have your day in your home)

If you are liable to pay rates, even if you do not rent or own your home, and you qualify for Lone Pensioner Allowance, make a claim to the Housing Executive.

Own your home 

Home owners who pay rates and qualify for Lone Pensioner Allowance make a claim directly to Land & Property Services (LPS). For more information see nidirect 

What information does the Housing Executive need?

In all cases we must see the following evidence to support the application:

  • A birth certificate or other proof of age, e.g. bus pass, medical card, passport.

Unless the applicant is a Housing Executive tenant we must also see:

  • Proof of the amount of rates payable, this could be a letter from your landlord / letting agent or a rates bill.

How Lone Pensioner Allowance is paid

Lone Pensioner Allowance is always credited or paid directly into an account for you. 

This could be:

  • your rent and rates account if you are a Housing Executive or a housing association tenant; or
  • your rates account at Land & Property Services if you are a private tenant or if you do not rent or own the property but still pay rates. 

When would my claim change or end?

If you get Lone Pensioner Allowance, you will continue to receive this unless:

  • someone comes to live with you (there are exceptions);
  • you no longer have to pay rates; and/ or
  • the amount you have to pay for your rates changes.

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