Find your stopcock

What is a stopcock?

The stopcock is a valve for turning off and on the cold water system in your home. When you turn the stopcock in a clockwise direction the water supply will be shut off. You can turn the water supply back on by turning the stopcock in an anti-clockwise direction.

In some modern kitchens the stopcock may be connected to an electronic shut off button located above the worktop; simply push this button to turn off the water.

Where is my stopcock?

Stopcocks are usually found in your kitchen, below the sink unit.  However, in some houses the stopcock is found in a front or back hall or in a larder unit beside the sink unit.

It is important that you know where the stopcock is and that you check that your stopcock is working. Watch our video on how to find your stopcock.

How do I check my stopcock is working?

Run the cold water tap in your kitchen and turn the stopcock in a clockwise direction to check if the cold water turns off.

What do I do if I can’t find my stopcock, or if it’s not working?

If you are living in a Housing Executive home, and you cannot find the stopcock you can call us and make an appointment for a maintenance officer to visit your house to show you where it is. Call us on 03448 920 901.

If your stopcock is not working properly, or you find it difficult to turn, you should call us on our repairs number 03448 920 901.

If your cold water tank is leaking