Emergency repairs

Following guidance from the Department of Health, we have now recommenced a phased resumption of our full maintenance service. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we will be working through a significant backlog of repair work.

What is an emergency repair?

To be treated as an emergency the fault must carry the risk of immediate injury to people or major damage to property. Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • escape of gas or fumes
  • electrical fittings in contact with water
  • live or bare electric wiring
  • sewage overflowing into the home
  • outside doors that need secured
  • burst storage tanks, cylinders or pipes
  • failure of all lights or all power
  • failure of heating systems in severe weather and where no alternative is available
  • failure of all communal lighting

To report an emergency repair call us on 03448 920 901.

In these cases we will attempt to have a contractor at your home the same day or within 24 hours. The contractor will also inform us if more work is required.

What if an emergency occurs outside working hours?

If an emergency occurs outside working hours you can still obtain help by:

Staff will assess your repair and, if necessary, will arrange for a contractor to call with you.

Urgent repairs