We usually allocate properties to those applicants with most points on the social housing waiting list who require the type of property that is available.

How we allocate our homes to people

The Housing Executive and housing associations provide social rented housing in Northern Ireland. Together we are known as social landlords. We describe anyone who has applied for housing and is currently on the social housing waiting list as an applicant.

When a property becomes available we examine the social housing waiting list for the area where the property is located. We then offer it to the applicant on the waiting list with the highest number of points requiring that type of property. Where the points are equal we will offer the property to the applicant who has been on the waiting list for the longest period of time based on the date of their application. When we offer you a property and you accept it, we call this an allocation.

We will not offer homes to anyone under 35 years old within some of our blocks of flats. This rule is part of the Housing Selection Scheme.

Call us on 03448 920 900 if you need more information or contact your nearest housing association.

There's more information in this leaflet 'How We Allocate Accommodation' (PDF 249 kB)



As a social housing landlord we may refuse to offer you a home for a limited period of time in some circumstances. Situations where we refuse to house applicants are referred to as 'Disqualifications'.

We may do this in cases where you have:

  • rent arrears
  • abandoned a previous tenancy
  • lived illegally in one of our homes
  • been involved in anti-social behaviour

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for providing accurate information in your application form and during your assessment.

You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances whilst you are waiting for offers as these changes may affect your application.

You must not tell us false or incorrect information when you apply for a home as we may seek to end your tenancy if you have been allocated property based on false or incorrect information.

We will write to you each year to confirm that you still need accommodation. If you don’t reply, you may be removed from the waiting list.

You must not deliberately make your circumstances worse to move higher up the waiting list. If you do this, you may have the advantage of any additional points entitlement withheld for up to two years.

Complex needs
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