Choice Based Lettings

Properties available now through Choice Based Lettings

We list some of our currently available homes on the website. If you are already on the waiting list you can register your interest in any of the homes advertised.  

We call this our “choice based letting” scheme. It is different from our usual method of making a direct offer.

Choice Based Lettings

You can check online which homes are currently available in the scheme on our Property News page at:

We hope that this provides more choice for people on the waiting list. It also helps us to match the advertised homes faster to those who want them.

The scheme covers the locations listed below:

Duncairn (Upper and Lower

  • Greenmount Place
  • Glenrosa Link

Oldpark (Lower)

Shankill Lower / Hopewell




  • Leckagh Estate





  • Ashfield Gardens

How we advertise homes

Check out the Property News website every week to see available properties. We add new homes regularly.

The website will tell you:

  • the location of the home

  • the number of bedrooms

  • weekly rent

  • and other features

We may be carrying out repairs to some of the homes. We may ask you to view the property before we complete these repairs.

You should check that the type of home and its location are right for your household. Only then should you register your interest.

How we decide

We will only make an offer from the list of applicants who have registered an interest in the home. This is different from how we offer our other properties. We will use the rules of the Housing Selection Scheme to decide who gets the home from this list.

If you are interested in one of these homes you must respond to the advertisement on Property News. Read more information in our:

How to register your interest

Anyone who is already on the waiting list will be able to register an interest. You may be interested in one of the advertised homes. You must register your interest before the deadline of Tuesday at 5pm.

You can do this by:

  • using the 'Contact Agent' feature on the Property website for the advertised home

  • calling us on 03448 920 900 - quote 'choice-based lettings'. You should also mention the relevant local office e.g. Shankill

  • call into the relevant local office in person

You will also need to give us the information listed below:

  • your name, address and contact telephone number

  • the address of the advertised home

  • your Housing Application Reference Number. You will find this number at the top of any letters you received from us about your housing application

  • your date of birth and National Insurance Number

We will contact you if we are able to offer you the home that you registered an interest in. If you do not hear from us it will usually be because we have offered the property to someone else. Contact us for feedback or to check the offer status of the property on the Property website.

You can register your interest in more than one of our homes at a time. But, we would ask you not to register an interest in any homes if you already have an offer of housing. You will still be able to receive housing offers for other locations within your areas of choice.

If you are not already on the waiting list

Before we can consider you for one of these properties you must be on the social housing waiting list. You need to apply for this separately and have your housing need assessed.

The quickest way to do this is by phoning 03448 920 900

We will record your basic details and arrange a telephone appointment with you. We will then assess your request for housing.

This assessment will ensure that you are eligible for social rented housing. If you are we will then register you on the waiting list.

You can read more information about eligibility for the social housing waiting list in:

Advice for young people