How we assess your application

When you apply for social housing we will first assess if you are eligible. If you are, we will award you points based on your housing need. These points determine your position on the waiting list. 

We award points under four categories:

  1. Whether you are at serious and imminent risk, and need immediate rehousing. We call this “intimidation”*.
  2. Insecurity of tenure.
  3. Whether you currently live in poor quality housing. This may be due to poor physical conditions, or overcrowding. We call this your “housing conditions”.
  4. Whether you have mobility issues in your current home, or extra social, support or care needs. We call this “health and social wellbeing needs”.


You may have been forced to leave your home. If you have, we may be able to help you with the costs of setting up your new home.

Your total number of points will decide your position on the waiting list. We will inform you of your points total in writing.

You can read a detailed breakdown of how points are awarded in our section on: 

Watch our video on how we assess your application.

The Housing Selection Scheme