Complex needs

Do you need extra care or support?

You may have special circumstances that mean you need extra care and support. We refer to these as “complex needs”. We may consider you for specialist housing schemes. These provide extra support or care best suited to your needs. 

You may have a tailored support and care package in place to meet your needs. In that case we may consider you for general housing. 

Complex needs

When necessary we will carry out a detailed assessment of your support and care needs. We will then consider your options. This may be a specialist scheme that can provide you with the extra support and care to suit your needs.

In these circumstances we will place you on a separate waiting list that isn't based on a point system.

You may be able to receive support and care to help you to live in general housing. If this is the case we may award extra points on your housing application. This will reflect your support and care needs.

Choice Based Lettings