How to apply for a home

The Housing Executive and registered housing associations provide social rented housing in Northern Ireland. Together we are known as social landlords. Each landlord is an independent organisation and can offer different services. All social landlords aim to provide good quality, affordable housing to people in housing need.

Applying for a home

We need to make sure that you are eligible for social rented housing. We try to make the application process as straightforward as possible. You can also apply for sheltered housing or specialist accommodation. These may offer extra support for their tenants. If you are thinking about applying for social housing you can call into your local office, call us on 03448 920900, or apply online.

You can also apply using an application form which you can get from your local Housing Executive or registered housing association office. You use the same form for all social landlords. If you apply for social housing online or via an application form we will let you know when we have received your application. 

Do you have a disability?

There is useful advice on the process of finding a home in our leaflet 'Advice for People with Disabilities on Finding a Home' (PDF 206 kB)

Download the advice leaflet

Are you a young person?

Are you deaf, hearing or speech impaired?

Is English not your first language?

  • Click the 'Translate' link at the top of any page to view the page in another language - Polish, Lithuanian, Czech and Chinese are all available.
  • Language support is also available if you do not speak English as a first language. The telephone based interpretation service ‘The Big Word’ is available throughout our local offices, and we can provide face-to-face interpreters if required. 

What happens next?

When you contact us to apply for social housing we will arrange to carry an assessment of your housing needs in a way that best suits you where possible. We can do this in your local office, during a home visit or, if necessary, over the telephone. However, depending on your circumstances, a home visit may be better to ensure that your housing needs are fully assessed.

Once we have determined your housing need using the Housing Selection Scheme we will place you on the waiting list. We will also provide you with advice as to your areas of choice. If you prefer a particular registered housing association you may receive a follow-up visit from them.

Applying for a transfer

If you are a Housing Executive or a registered housing association tenant in Northern Ireland and you want to move to another social rented home in Northern Ireland, you need to complete the housing/transfer application form. Return it to the nearest office of your landlord.

Your landlord will visit you to carry out a needs assessment and determine if you are eligible for a transfer. If you are eligible, you will be placed on the waiting list for your areas and landlords of choice.

Applying from outside Northern Ireland
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