Supporting People financial returns

If your organisation provides services that are funded by the Supporting People programme, you are required to complete and submit the following financial returns: 


  1. Audited Financial Statements (AFS)
  2. Management Accounts
  3. Detail on SP Restricted Reserves
  4. Supporting People financial return – actual for the preceding financial year 
  5. Supporting People financial return – budget for the current financial year 

What do I need to do?

We will contact you when your financial returns are due. Completed returns should be emailed to 

Are there templates or guidance available?

Yes, to help you complete and submit your financial returns, you can view the following documents:

Supporting People Apportionment Guidance for Providers (PDF 357 kB)

Supporting People Financial Returns 2019_2020 Budget Template (XLSX 33 kB)

Supporting People Movement in Funds /Restricted Reserves Template (XLSX 12 kB)

• Supporting People Management Accounts Pro-forma (XLSX 27 kB)

Please note: the ‘Supporting People Financial Returns Actuals Template’ is downloaded through

Further Advice

If you have any questions or need help completing financial return information, please email

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