Accreditation Information for delivery partners

The accreditation process makes sure all organisations that receive Supporting People funding have the structure and capacity to deliver quality services.  

The Accreditation Framework

All organisations that provide Supporting People services must be approved as accredited providers.

The following bodies are exempt, as they are subject to regulatory frameworks and inspection regimes: 

  • Health and Social Care Trusts
  • Housing Associations
  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive

How long does an organisation’s accreditation status last?

Accreditation lasts for three years. At the end of this period delivery partners must be re-accredited. We also reserve the right to carry out accreditations within a shorter timescale if required.

Does your organisation meet necessary criteria requirements?

It should be:

  • properly constituted and have an appropriate governing instrument.
  • governed by an experienced and competent governing body
  • able to produce, but not limited to, the following documents:
    • current Business/Strategic Plan.
    • financial budgets, projections and management accounts.
    • governance documents such as board minutes of meeting, memorandum, terms of reference etc.
    • evidence of organisational policies and staff practices.
    • financial risk assessment and strategy.

Further information

Further information on accreditation, how to complete and submit accreditation returns can be found in our accreditation guidance document. You can also email for more information.

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