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Contingency  arrangements which will be taken to support Supporting People funded services to continue to deliver services during the COVID-19 outbreak are detailed in the plan below:  

Housing Executive Homeless Services have outlined contingency arrangements, escalation measures and protocol for dealing with outbreaks, to support Homelessness and Supporting People funded services to continue during the containment and surge phases of the COVID-19 outbreak.You can access the plan and protocol below:

The following protocol has been developed to enable prompt and effective responses to instances of outbreaks of Covid-19 in Homeless Services:

New delivery partners who are applying for Supporting People grant for the first time need to be accredited before funding will be paid to them. 

Find out more aout: 

If there is a requirement for a new Supporting People service accredited providers who are eligible to apply will be invited to take part in a competitive selection exercise.

We aim to work in partnership with Supporting People funded organisations to enable them to deliver excellent services to vulnerable people.

Find out more on how we manage Supporting People funding agreements in our section about:

We make payments to Supporting People delivery partners in line with funding agreements. Payments are made in arrears, based on a 4 weekly payment timetable. 

Find out more on how payments are made in our section about:

In line with funding agreement requirements delivery partner organisations are required to submit:

A multi-agency Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) oversees strategic decision making in relation to the administration of planning and delivery of the SP programme.

SAB is supported in its decision making by four multi-agency Regional Thematic Groups (RTGs) relating to Homelessness, Older People, Younger People and Disability services.

You can download summary minutes from recent SAB and RTG meetings here:

The Provider Investment Fund (PIF) is a competitive fund that aims to support improvements to the delivery of Supporting People Programme. Existing Supporting People providers can bid for support to help them improve their delivery of the Supporting People Programme.

This framework provides a guide to managing the process of exploring the potential termination of funding and the actual termination of funding.

The framework can be downloaded here:

The Housing Executive are managing arrangements to supply PPE to Supporting People services. 

Please find the following forecast and order forms below:

PPE Order Form (Excel Spreadsheet 109 kB)

PPE 3-month Rolling Forecast (Excel Spreadsheet 13 kB)

PPE Stocktake Form (Excel Spreadsheet 15kB)

The Housing Executive Supporting People team are administering payments to organisations, to enable payments to be made to staff as part of the Special Recognition Scheme announced by the Minister for Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found in:

The following template should be used to inform Supporting People of client updates in respect of Universal Credit (Housing Costs element):

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If you have any questions please contact the Supporting People team by:

Accreditation Information for delivery partners