Contract management

We aim to work in partnership with Supporting People funded organisations to support and enable the delivery of excellent services to vulnerable people.

Contracts within the Supporting People programme are managed under four thematic groupings

  • Homelessness
  • Older People
  • Younger People
  • Disability

Risk Management

The management of risk is fundamental to contract management. A provider risk assessment is completed by us to determine and plan our contract management activity. 

A number of risk factors are considered as part of the risk assessment. These include financial, performance, quality and general service factors.

What does contract management activity include? 

Activities which make up the contract management process include: 

  • Contract Meetings are used to discuss all issues relevant to funding agreements and arranged under the thematic groups within each delivery partner organisation. The frequency of meetings is determined by the classification of risk identified through the risk assessment process. 
  • Quality Monitoring Visits are used to ensure delivery partner organisations provide housing related support services to expected quality standards. The frequency of performance visits will be determined by the classification risk identified through the risk assessment process. Visits may be escalated where a serious concern has been identified.

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