About the Supporting People programme

The Supporting People Programme helps people to live independently in the community. We administer the Programme in Northern Ireland on behalf of the Department for Communities.

How does the Supporting People Programme help?

The Supporting People Programme grant funds approximately 85 delivery partners that provide over 850 housing support services for to up to 19,000 service users across Northern Ireland. 

We manage an annual budget of £72.8m (2021/22).  

What is Housing Related Support?

Housing related support services help people live independently or move onto more independent living.  This can include support to:

  • develop domestic/life skills
  • develop social skills/behaviour management
  • find other accommodation
  • establish social contacts and activities
  • gain access to other services
  • manage finance and benefit claims
  • set up and maintain home/tenancy
  • maintain the safety and security of the dwelling

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