Legal action we can take

We may take legal action against the offending person if early intervention fails or the Anti-Social Behaviour is serious in nature.


We can repossess your home if you, your family, or visitors harass or cause annoyance in the local area.


We can seek a court order instructing an individual to stop certain unacceptable behaviour. This is called an injunction is.

We can seek an injunction in cases of nuisance involving our own tenants. We may also do this for cases involving home owners, private tenants, or those living in temporary accommodation provided by us.

We will consider further legal action if the nuisance behaviour continues after the receiving an Injunction. You may face a possible prison sentence if you persist with anti-social behaviour.

Anti-Social Behaviour Order

We can seek a court order forbidding an individual from causing harassment, alarm or distress to other people. This is called an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (or ASBO).

We can apply to the Magistrates Court for an ASBO.  The Court can be grant an ASBO to any person aged 10 and up. The PSNI and local councils can also obtain ASBOs. If you breach an ASBO, this is a criminal offence. It may result in you receiving a custodial sentence and going to prison.


Supporting witnesses